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CEAT Tread Wear Indicator tyres: putting safety first
Team Evo India
3 min read
Tyres are the unsung heroes when it comes to delivering the Thrill of Driving but are neglected far too often – and CEAT has come up with a way to remedy the situation
Goodyear showcase a concept self-repairing tyre
Goodyear reveals the Airless reCharge concept featuring a compound that regenerates the tread on the tyre using liquid capsules of biodegradable material.
Mercedes-Benz showcases the EQC 4x4² – a nutty electric off-roader
The off-road version of the EQC 4x4² is a one-off and will never hit the production line
CEAT SecuraDrive tyres review: An upgrade for your compact SUV?
Team Evo India
2 min read
We tried out the CEAT SecuraDrive tyres on our long term test Kia Sonet, and here is what we think about it
Maxxis Tyres awarded the World’s Most Revered design award
Maxxis’ T Razr Transformative Tyre won in the design category of best automotive accessories and car care products
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