Express Delivery Services In India

Express Delivery Services In India

Top 5 Express Delivery Services In India – OM LOGISTICS

Since the beginning of time, commerce has relied on humans’ ability to transport goods from one place to another. This is where OM Logistics comes in – we are an innovative company that offers express delivery services to destinations all over Delhi and India. Whether you need to send a small box or large parcels, we can do it at the best price possible. So why not give us a try today?

Om Logistics is a name synonymous with excellence in the logistics sector in India and we have our sights set on becoming the number one logistics company in India. The company was established as a response to the increasing demand for a reliable company to send parcels, luggage and large equipment via our sister company, OM Mobility.
As India’s leading logistics company, Top 5 Express Delivery Services In India we have experienced rapid growth and we now have over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry.

OM is excited to announce that we have added new services to our line-up, specifically designed with the India economy in mind. We now offer a full range of national and international shipping courier services, same day, next day and economy freight services, pick up or drop off at our service centres; as well as integration with eCommerce and other marketplace websites.

Our pick-up service is even more exciting! With this,  we aim to provide a courier service platform that is tailored specifically for your convenience.

Express Delivery Services in india – for your Business

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the OM app (download here) to make our service even better. With the app, Express Delivery Services In India you can order a delivery bike to pick up and deliver your parcel within a few hours at budget-friendly rates.

Our platform enables customers to track shipments with a unique number (waybill number) and get real-time tracking updates until delivery is fulfilled. Our customer service line is available till 11 pm daily to attend to your queries or enquiries.

So why wait? Download the OM app now and enjoy hassle-free parcel delivery in Lagos!

OM Logistics offers a wide variety of shipping and express delivery services, including freight forwarding, haulage services and e-commerce logistics services. Our services are designed for speed, proper handling, and affordability, with online tracking available so you can always know where your parcel is.

Express Delivery Services

You can trust us to handle your parcels with care and deliver them quickly. Choose OM Logistics today to take care of all your shipping needs.

Ready to ship? Request a quote or schedule a pickup now.